Our Values – The Code of CARE We show that we CARE by putting the needs of our Customers first, by always having a positive and helpful Attitude, and by treating everyone and everything with Respect. By living our code of values we Enjoy Life in the process.


  • Create A Remarkable Experience Every one of us has an impact on the experience our guests have when they are visiting, interacting or working with us. Go out of your way to WOW them!

  • Have Fun and Love What You Do! Work hard, play hard and be yourself. Learn to love the discomfort associated with living outside of your comfort zone. Know your greater purpose.

  • Don’t Just Do It, Own It! Whatever task you take upon yourself, take ownership and see it through. Be thorough and accurate. If you don’t know something, take it upon yourself to find it out. “I don’t know” isn’t in our vocabulary – we say “I will find the answer and get back to you”. Turn “I should fix that problem” into “I did fix that problem”.

  • Be Humble People with humility don’t think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less. Humility allows us to be more teachable as individuals. Humility allows us to celebrate the contribution of the team as a whole. No matter how well we do as a company, we pledge to remain humble and thankful.

  • Learn Something New Every Day and Share it with the Team Read books, research and educate yourself with information that will help you in your professional development. Share what you learn with the team. Foster a culture of continuous improvement. If you discover a better way to do something, share it with the team.

  • Be Ethical and Trustworthy in your Dealings We earn each other’s trust by being trustworthy – both in character and in competency. We thrive and grow as a team by trusting that tasks are completed to the highest professional standards.

  • Listen Well and Communicate with Respect Give your full attention when in a conversation. Listen with your ears, eyes and heart. Keep lines of communication open and remember profanity and hurtful sarcasm aren’t part of our culture.

  • Contribute to the Triple Bottom Line To be successful in business requires a focus on making a Profit. We pledge to do just that but not at the expense of People and Planet. We focus on social engagement, embrace environmental sustainability and avoid extravagance – so we can maximize financial profits. In this way we optimize our positive impact on the triple-bottom-line. People-Planet-Profit

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