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Peter Van Stralen'sJourney

For nearly three decades, Peter van Stralen has succeeded in creating remarkable experiences for his employees and customers through his principles of C.A.R.E. leadership. In 2015, he and his family embarked full-time on an Epic Family Road Trip that continues today, setting off across North America to work hard, have fun together, and make a difference in the world through caring for others.

Peter On Mountain
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Peter's Focus

  1. Keynote Speaker
  2. Author
  3. Executive Coach
  4. Director at Dwyer Group CA
  5. Currently Traveling Full Time With His Family
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Creating Industry Leaders

Peter’s story is an entrepreneurial dream. As teenagers, he and his brothers borrowed a lawn mower and began a business, eventually building it into a successful franchise system. Through a commitment to professional development, Peter has reinvented himself many times since his days as a 16-year-old laborer. He became a certified franchise executive and, as CEO, grew his family’s business into one of the largest in the industry. He also helped broker a key strategic partnership with the Dwyer Group, which led to a beneficial acquisition.

Now as an executive coach and public speaker, Peter's passion drives him to inspire other entrepreneurs and company leaders. His C.A.R.E. leadership program shows them how to create a remarkable environment for employees, a remarkable enterprise for investors, and a remarkable experience for customers.

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