Don’t just build another company - Build a Brand

This talk will show your audience how to separate themselves from the competition by building a Brand rather than just another company in a hyper-competitive market. We will talk about the 6 key focus areas that help business builders create something truly remarkable.

Challenges this talk addresses:

The C6™ System

As a leader dedicated to continuous improvement, Peter has curated effective techniques to develop a culture of CARE that keeps your team engaged and devoted to providing positive interactions at every level of operation.

Peter shares invaluable insight into implementing the C6™ system:

  • Creating a world-class Culture
  • Developing systems and Controls
  • Achieving brand Compliance
  • Demonstrating Contrast in the marketplace
  • Building a Community
  • Leveraging Clout as a currency

Stand Out from the Crowd

As a recognizable, well-respected brand, your business will have a foundation for lasting success. When values are clear, decision-making is easy—and Peter will help you discover how to get that clarity. With proven experience growing his family’s modest landscaping business into The Grounds Guys, a successful franchise, Peter’s keynote on The Power of a Brand can transform the culture of your business and unleash the full potential of your team.

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