WATCH: A good name is of great value

undefinedA good name is of great value. my Great Grandpa (Opa) was a market gardener. He built a business based on trust and integrity. The standard operating procedure of the day was for farmers to put their best product on the top crates so that buyers would give the highest price. Once they took their shipments home they realized that the produce in the lower crates got progressively worse. Great Grandpa Stehouwer did exactly the opposite. Sure, initially he fetched a lower price than the other guys, but when the buyer realized that the product on the bottom was better than the product on the top, he made sure to get in line early the next year to get Grandpas product. Word spread and soon buyers were lining up for his product and paying him a premium. Peter Drucker said “people do business with people they know and trust “. A good name, well known liked and trusted is of Great value. Great Grandpa proved that to be true. //