Dare to Dream

It all starts with a dream. Sometimes as adults we forget to dream big dreams like we did when we were kids. It could be because we become too practical or too realistic to dream. It could be because we’ve been disappointed in the past by dreams that didn’t work out to our expectations. Maybe someone told us to stop being a dreamer and go get a real job… whatever the case may be, many of us have stopped dreaming. We can be pretty good at setting goals and dreams for our professional life, but what about for our personal and family life?

Close your eyes and think about what excites, energizes and inspires you – what scares you. If your dream doesn’t scare you a bit than its not big enough. Go ahead, dream big. Don’t try and figure out how you are going to do it right now, that will come. When you are ready to realize your dream it will no longer be impossible because you won’t be the same person by then. You won’t be in the same financial or personal or time strapped situation that you are in now. Your dream will drive you to change all of that. //