Create A Remarkable Environment

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As our business continued to grow we eventually got to the point where we were no longer directly responsible for creating a remarkable experience for our customers, we had hired people to do that for us.
We were now relying on hired help to represent our brand in front of the customer on a daily basis. For most entrepreneurs this prospect is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.
Exciting because it means you are growing and are now working on your business more than in it, and terrifying because your success depends on happy customers and you’ve now outsourced that awesome responsibility to someone else.
There is always an element of fear when releasing control of a very important part of your business to someone else. That fear however began to disappear when we realized that we still had a lot of influence over the customer experience. The way we did that was to show our team members how we wanted our customers treated. We showed them how by treating them the same way. We understood that the customer experience would be a reflection of the employee experience.
Here is the bottom line. Create a remarkable environment for your team members, a culture that makes them feel respected, cared for and appreciated.  They will replicate that experience for the customer. //