EPIC Family Road Trip Episode 51

In this episode we cross from British Columbia mainland to Vancouver Island where we head to Victoria to meet up with a fellow Jeep overlander and creator of Overland Kitchen, Al Smith at Esquimalt Lagoon for dinner on the beach. We then drive across the island North to Tofino where we set up camp in an incredible location, hike along stunning beaches, get coffee and lunch at an amazing coffee shop and food truck then rent some surf boards and head to the beach to do some Tofino surfing. We then head to a small town called Ucluelet where we try the local clam chowder and have a very educational time at the Thornton Salmon Hatchery.

We then take a tour by boat to see black bears scavenging for crabs during low tide on wild and remote beaches. Stay tuned for next week where we celebrate Daniel’s 14th birthday, visit a Tofino choclateer and cross back to the mainland where we begin heading for Kamloops B.C.

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➳ Victoria, British Columbia
➳ Esquimalt Lagoon, Vancouver Island, B.C
➳ Tofino, Vancouver Island, B.C
➳ Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, B.C

Edited By:
➳ Caroline van Stralen (@Caroline@Abroad)