EPIC Family Road Trip Episode 44

In this episode we head from Grand Canyon National Park to Salome, Arizona where we spend a few days at a KOA Campground before heading to Mission Bay in San Diego, California for a conference which dad was attending. After a great time at the conference and exploring the Mission Bay area we began the drive north to Sequoia National Park, but along the way we were hit with severe weather warnings for the PNW of a massive winter storm that would bring heavy snow to the higher elevation areas. So we had to make a change in plans and continued north to Humboldt Redwoods State Park. We visited this State Park on our first trip around North America in 2016, so it was exciting to be back and really appreciate these incredible trees. We then continued our drive up the coast of California and we are now heading up to the beautiful State of Oregon where we have many more exciting adventures soon to come!

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➳ Grand Canyon, National Park
➳ Salome, Arizona
➳ Mission Bay, San Diego, California
➳ Humboldt, Redwoods State Park, California
➳ Crescent City, California