The Sky Couch

Hi my name is Daniel I’m 12 years old and have been traveling for a year with my family.

My family and I have flown in lots of different airplanes since we started our travels and have had many different experiences in each one.

Each place I’ve gone to has a different idea on how to make their passengers flying in the plane more comfortably. They all do a great job but in my opinion the Air New Zealand airlines are one of the best.

That is because of an option they call the Sky Couch.

No, It’s not a flying couch but it sure feels like it. The sky couch’s bed-like padding and fluffy pillows allows the passenger to fall right to sleep.

The sky couch is a lot like first class but not as expensive. I don’t know the exact prices of sky couch but you can find out on the Air New Zealand website. I do know however that the prices of the sky couch but it is basically the cost of three regular coach economy seats but shared by two people.

From my experience on the sky couch I would say it is the most comfortable airline seating option for those who want to sleep on a super long flight next to first class. Here is a picture of what you can expect if you book sky couch.

You can use it as a bed or sit comfortably with others. While you sit or lie down on the sky couch you can also watch movies on your own TV screen. Air NZ has a large selection of Every seat on air New Zealand has a TV but not all seats allow you to lie down and watch tv like the sky couch does. Since you have three seats for two people you have the extra elbow room while seated, but the real benefit comes when you are really tired and just want to lay down.

At this point you reach under your seat and pull up the handle transforming your three seat row into a full size bed. The flight attendants provide you with pillows and comfortable blankets and you stretch out and fall asleep. For someone my size it’s a nice big bed. For someone 6′ 4″ like my Dad it’s a bit small, but it’s still a lot better than sitting upright for 12 hours. When my dad straightened out his legs they went right across the aisle. Most of the time however he lay on his side and was quite comfy.

That’s why I think that air New Zealand’s sky couch and costumer service makes them one of the best airlines I have ever been on.

I definitely recommend that if you’re going to New Zealand and make sure to book yourself the sky couch for a comfortable ride to a beautiful place.

You can ask more questions about the sky couch in the comment section or on the air New Zealand website. Also leave a comment if this blog was useful or if you have any ideas for future blogs.