To guide or not to guide. That is the question.

By Caroline

~Does having a tour guide make it less of an adventure? ~

Having a tour guide while exploring Bali was not in our initial plan, and at first I wasn’t thrilled about the idea. I have always had the notion that tourists with tour guides and itineraries are missing out on a spontaneous and adventurous experience.

However, now that we’ve experienced Bali with the help of a tour guide, we couldn’t be happier. In fact, if this is your first time traveling to Asia we would highly recommend you consider hiring a guide as well!

As with most DIY travelers, the tour guide option was a new experience for us, but as I look back on our trip, I am particularly thankful for Ariani, our friendly, English speaking guide. For us she was like a living, breathing Bali encyclopedia.

She shared with us many different historical, religious and cultural facts from a perspective that only a local citizen could give.