Gaming on the road.

Airport layovers and long road trips just got a lot more fun. Introducing the GAEMS portable gaming console. Our travels have taken us over 60,000 kms of North America roads in search of epic outdoor adventures. During some of the long road stretches and long airport layovers, my brother and I have had a blast fun playing our games with our portable GAEMS units.

Today I’m doing a review on the GAEMS portable gaming system.

First I’m going to be talking about the GAEMS features.

The GAEMS case allows you to carry it like a suit case, when the PS4 or any

other console is inside it ways about 5 to 7 lbs. The GAEMS has only a few wires making it easier to move around, but it still needs to be plugged in to a power outlet.

There are three wires not counting remote charger. The first is the TV plug-in which allows your screen in the case to light up and project any thing you want to see. Next in my case is the PS4 power plug/wire or any console power wire depending on which you prefer. The last wire is the HDMI cable. This is the wire that allows the game from your console to be shown on the GAEMS screen.

What it comes with.

The GEAMS system comes with all 3 power wires and a little remote that allows you to turn the screen off or on and change the brightness and sound. I’ve been using the GEAMS portable gaming case for about 7 months and I love it. It works really well while I’m traveling and overall in my opinion it’s the best portable gaming case out there. You can buy them directly from the GAEMS website or you can order it from a local you EB Games or GameStop. There are a couple of different models available.

The Vanguard black edition and the Sentry.

Here are some pictures with specs and prices:

1. ‚ÄčThe Vanguard black edition // Non-reflective 19″ 720p (1080p scaled) El-LED display


2. The Sentry GAEMS // 15” 720p LED display

Have fun and make sure you balance your play time with other important things like work and care.