We all know the importance of staying focused on the important things but if you are like me you could sure use a reminder every once in a while. We live in an age of distractions and can easily find ourselves spending time on the things that pop up in front of us rather than the things we know we should be doing.

  1. Turn off notifications – Unless you are in a service role where immediate responses are required, I’d suggest turning all email, social, text, and other messaging app notifications off. Designate two or three times per day where you reply to these messages.
  2. Set time blocks – Set up time blocks throughout your day where everyone on your team knows not to interrupt you. Schedule them as regularly as possible.
  3. Set your top priorities – Before you end your work day, make a list of the top priorities for the next day. This will help you get your day off to a focused and productive start.

“Focus on your top priority, say no to distractions.”

Peter van Stralen