If your values or guiding principles are important to you, and if you feel they are integral to the way your company should behave and operate, than you need to look for ways to bring them to the forefront. You need to find ways to keep them top-of-mind. The way we do that at our office is to repeat them every morning in our huddle. We give a prize to those who can recite them, “by heart and with heart” (a statement I learned from Dina Dwyer-Owens)

Another way to keep them top-of-mind is to use them in your vocabulary throughout the day. Tie them into and situations, opportunities or challenges that arise. If offering praise, (and we should do that as often as possible) you could say “great job taking care of that customer” or we can use it as an opportunity to reinforce our value by saying something like “way to Create A Remarkable Experience!”

We also keep our principles top-of-mind by using our wall space as a place to display them boldly for all to see.

What are some ways you keep your values top-of-mind?